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General Decal FAQS

Q. What surfaces can the decals be applied to?
A. Decals can be applied to any hard, smooth, nonporous surface, such as; vehicles, boats, trailers, windows, mirrors, lockers, folders, etc.

Q. How do you remove any left over adhesive once the decals are completely removed?
A. Rubbing alcohol or windex will remove any sticky residue.

Q. Do you send installation squeegees out with the decals?
A. In most cases we do not include a squeegee simply because including a squeegee adds more cost to shipping, as the graphics need to be shipped in a larger sized mailing tube to accomodate the squeegeee. Most graphics can be installed without the use of a squeegee and if necessary, you may purchase a squeegee in the wallpaper section of any hardware store for about . 75 cents.

Q. What is your exchange policy on custom orders?
A. Please view our "about us" page for specifics, but generally custom made items cannot be returned or exchanged, as they were specifically made for that order. 

Q. Do you guys sponsor vehicles?
A. We do sponsor a few vehicles every year and most of our sponsorships are done at the very beginning of the year?

Q. Do you offer wholesale or reduced rate prices for multiple orders?
A. Yes, we offer discounts for large quantities of decals, please inquire for a quote.

Q. Do you offer multicolored graphics?
A. Yes. Multicolored graphics are available for most designs for an additional charge.

Q. Why isn't the color I want listed as an available color option on the graphics I want?
A. Most graphics can be made in all the available colors listed on the "colors" page. If you do not see the color you want listed, please send us an email and inquire about the color you want.

Q. Can you special order other colors?
A. Yes, we can special order other colors for an additional charge.

Q. Can I place an order using my credit card number over the phone?
A. No we do not take credit card information over the phone for security reasons. All online or credit card orders must be placed through the website's secure server.
Q. What type of warranty do you offer?
A. We warranty that our decals and graphics are free of defects and in most cases that warranty lasts up until the decals are installed. Once they are installed there is no warranty. Please view our "about us" page for more specifics.

Q. Do you make custom decals?
A. Absolutely. If you have an idea for a custom decal, feel free to contact us about it.


Large Car Graphic / Racing Stripe Faqs

Q. How long does it take to install the large vehicle graphics?
A. The process to install vinyl graphics normally takes a couple hours.

Q. Will the decals come off in automatic car washes?
A. No, the decals will not come off during car washes.

Q. Can I install the graphics or racing stripes myself?
A. Yes, all our graphics and decals can be installed by a novice. The process is very similar to installing wallpaper. In fact we recommend saving yourself a few bucks and installing the graphics yourself simply because nobody will take better care of your vehicle then yourself. Please view the installation page for step by step instructions.

Q. Are the decals safe to use on a vehicle?
A. Absolutely. In fact most vehicles come stock with some type of vinyl pinstriping or lettering already installed on them.

Q. How long will the decals or graphics last?
A. We use both 5 year and 7 year cast vinyl, so most decals will outlast your paint job. On average if you take care of your graphics or decals, they will last at least 5 years.

Q. Will the decals or stripes damage my paint when they are removed?
A. No, they will not harm or damage your paint. The only time any paint damage will occur is if you scratch your paint's surface with a blade to remove the decals. The decals do not need to be removed with a blade.

Q. Can the decals go over rivets or molding?
A. Yes, we use durable cast vinyl, which can be molded around unsmooth and uneven surfaces. However, installing vinyl over rivets or molding does require more time.

Q. Can the decals be clear coated over?
A. Yes, although it is not necessary. We use premium cast vinyl that will last for years without being clear coated. If you do choose to clear coat over the decals, make sure you use a decal friendly clear coat.

Q. How do you remove any left over adhesive once the decals are completely removed?
A. Rubbing alcohol or windex will remove any sticky residue.

Q. Can you make your graphics bigger or smaller to fit my vehicle?
A. Yes, we can resize any graphic and we always recommend measuring your vehicle first to make sure the graphics will fit in the place you plan on installing them. Please email us for a quote.

Q. Can you guys help me decide what type of graphic to put on my vehicle or boat?
A. Of course, email us over a picture of your vehicle or boat and any specifics about what type of graphics appeal to your taste.

Ghost Flames FAQS

Q. Why won't the ghost vinyl work on white or black vehicles?
A. The ghost flame material is a clear vinyl with a slight grey tint, and it works almost like window tinting. It is designed to appear about two shades darker then whatever color it is applied to. Since there is no color darker then black, it shows up as a grey on black vehicles. And on white vehicles it also appears as grey.

Q. I have metallic paint, will the ghost flames work on my vehicle?
A. Yes. Since the material is semi transparent, it allows the metallic flakes of the paint to show through.

Q. Can you show me an example of how they will look on my vehicle?
A. No. The ghost flames material shows up differently on all colors and also appears differntly in all lighting conditions.


Window Decals Faqs

Q. Do they go on the outside or the inside of the window?
A. Although most of our window decals can be installed on either the outside or the inside of the window, they are made to go on the outside of the window.

Q. Can you see through them?
A. No, the decals are not transparent. You can see through the clear parts of the decal, but not the solid.

Q. How long will they last?
A. They are made with premium 5 year vinyl and in most cases will last for at least 5 years.

Q. Will they damage my window tinting?
A. No, as long as they are installed on the outside of the window they will not damage the window tinting.


Wall Decal Faqs

Q. I just painted my walls. How long do I need to wait before installing decals?
A. Paint needs to fully cure for at least 2-3 weeks before installing decals.

 Q. Can I apply the decals to a textured wall?
A.Wall Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces such as smooth drywall. Slightly textured surfaces such as that of an orange peel texture are fine. Wall decals will not adhere to a really rough, or severly textured surface.

Q. What kind of paints will the decals adhere to?
A. Our wall decals adhere best to matte, satin or semi-gloss paints.

Q. Can they be applied in a bathroom?
A. Yes. Moisture will not affect the decals, once installed.

Q. Will they damage my paint?
A. Although installing or removing decals can sometimes damage paint, in most cases it does not. Since there are many factors involved, such as, wall texture, paint type, how old the paint is, whether there is primer under the paint, etc. there is no definite answer. If any paint is damaged it would just require a touch up like touching up an area of the wall where there is a scrape or scuff. 

Q. How do I remove them?
A. Our wall decals can be removed by slowly peeling them off. Our wall vinyl has a low-tack adhesive making them easy to remove with little to no residue left behind. Simply lift the corner of each piece with your fingernail, toothpick or a pair of tweezers and pull off of the wall at a slight angle. If your decal has been on your wall for a long period of time, we recommend that you use a heat gun to warm up the vinyl as you start peeling or wait for a hot day. Heat will keep the vinyl from taking off any weak areas of paint. If there is any residue left on the wall, it could be easily washed off either with soapy water or special liquid. Other than that, they are removed just like any bumper sticker.

Q. Why isn't my decal sticking to my wall?
A. Make sure that the wall is clean and dry and that both the wall and decal are warm at room temperature. If the surface is too cold, you may warm it up with a heat gun on the low setting. Avoid applying your decals during humid climate which can make it difficult for the transfer tape to release. Make sure that there is no residue on the surface, such as dust, dirt, grease, etc. If you cleaned the walls in preparation of installing your vinyl, be sure there is no leftover residue, including any soap that may have been used to clean the surface. Make sure you have allowed time for the wall to completely dry. With the wall properly prepared and the decal in place on the wall, squeegee the decal onto the wall  as explained in the instructions. Some walls, due to different paints and textures, can be more difficult than others and may require a little extra care and patience. Slowly, while pressing the decal down with your finger, pull the transfer tape back onto itself to remove it (not straight up, but at a 90 degree sharp angle). Once the decal is on the wall and transfer tape removed, you need to smooth over every part of the decal with your hand and fingers to ensure it is properly bonding to the wall. Do not use any squeegee on the vinyl once the transfer tape is removed or you may stretch or disfigure the vinyl or risk leaving scratches on it.

Q. How long will the decals last?
A. We use both 3 year and 4 year indoor vinyl, so most decals will last for 3 years. If you take care of your decals and they are not in direct sunlight or in a high traffic area, they can last up to 5 years.