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About Us


www.daydreamerdecals.com is the official website of Daydreamer Designs. It is owned and operated by Daydreamer Designs, based out of Oregon. We have been in business for over a decade and our decals can currently be purchased from this website as well as in a few aftermarket stores. Our decals have been used on show cars, race cars, boats, business windows, outdoor signs, and in model homes.



Most of our graphics are unique designs that we created and you can't find anywhere else. We don't believe in using standard clipart graphics that you can find at every sign shop. Instead we take the time to push the limit and create graphics that will make your car, truck, boat, or wall look unique. Most of our tribals, dragons, flames, ect. were hand drawn, scanned in, and then slightly modified to produce the best and most effective graphic possible. We believe you want your vehicle, boat, home, or business to look the best and with our graphics it will.
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Materials Used


At Daydreamer Designs we use only top quality premium vinyl for all our decals. The life expectancy of our vinyl decals ranges between 3-7 years. Most wall decals are made with 3-4 year indoor vinyl. Most car graphics and window decals are made with 5 year outdoor vinyl. Our boat graphics are made with 7 year outdoor vinyl. With proper installation and proper care, there is no reason that most of our decals shouldn't last at least 5 years.