Ghost Flames Graphics  by Daydreamer Decals


----Our ghost flames are made from a semi-transparent vinyl that is tinted slightly gray. When applied to a vehicle, they will create a shadow-look, appearing a shade or two darker than the color of the vehicle itself. For instance, if your vehicle is blue the ghost flames will appear as a darker color blue, once applied. The ghost flames material is not available in different colors and will appear differently on all vehicles it is applied to. At certain angles they will be clearly visible, while at other angles they may be almost unnoticeable.

---While the ghost flames look great on almost any color vehicle, we do not recommend applying them to yellow, black, or white colored vehicles, as they will appear more gray in color. To give you a better idea of how the ghost flames may appear on your vehicle, please view the color chart for the ghost flames sample. The colors shown in that picture have an actual piece of the ghost flames vinyl running down the middle of it. So, if your vehicle were that particular color, the ghost flames would show up as the darker color in the middle. The material truly creates a shadow of whatever color it is applied to, which gives you that nice ghost flames look. We recommend purchasing a sample of the material in order to determine how they will look on your vehicle.