Stick Figure Family Window Decals  by Daydreamer Decals
Prices for stick figure family decals includes one sentence of writing at no additional charge. The writing will be underneath the characters and can be either one family name or individual names for each character.

The adult characters range in size depending on the number of charcters in each family. Generally the tallest of the characters will be approximately 5" tall and the rest will fall in proportional order. Pets, children and babies will be made smaller in size than the adult characters.

To order your custom stick figure family decal:

First select the number of characters you want from the drop down menu.

Second, select the color decal you want from the drop down menu.

Third type a message in the note box letting us know which characters you want by using their identification name or numbers underneath each character. Type them in the chronological order you want them made in. If you would like a name or writing under the decal, type that lettering in the note box as well. For example, the message in the note box for a stick figure family of 4 with a dad, mom, boy, and girl, would look like this "D1, M2, B2, G3. Family name Smith". If you do not wish to have any writing underneath your characters, simply enter the identification numbers for the characters you want in the note box and leave the rest of it blank. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at anytime
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